Thursday, 5 November 2009

Getting Fit Before Getting Fat - I Mean Pregnant

There are so many benefits for having your body in shape no matter what phase of life you are in. However, Looking back I can see how beneficial working out was before I got pregnant. My real motivation at the time was to look good in my wedding dress because I was getting married! Little did I know that three months later I would be pregnant.

Being fit before pregnancy gives your body a great head start before encountering all the changes and challenges your body will go through over the next 9 months. It also does wonders in helping you out with the after math of giving birth to that beautiful new baby. Carrying a child in your body will be probably the most challenging as well as most rewarding experience you will ever encounter. Be ready for it!

The wonderful thing about being fit and holding to a good diet before you are pregnant is that you will be in a good routine and will have built good habits for when you are actually are carrying that little bundle of joy. One of the hardest things about eating healthy and working out is getting into the habit!

Working out before pregnancy obviously has all the benefits that you would see anywhere for just plain working out. However, sometimes that extra motivation of wanting your body to be a vehicle for bringing a new life into the world is great for motivation. The truth of the matter is that when you are pregnant you will gain wait! Why hold on to that extra 10 pounds when you know that more weight is on it's way! It will help you greatly after the pregnancy if you don't have weight added on top of what you accumulate with the baby.

Get your metabolism on your side! building your muscles and eating healthy will put your body on your side and you may not have to work quite as hard to only gain what is healthy for your body to gain.

Your core strength is very key when carrying a child. You must be very careful when working out those muscles while pregnant so why not get them in shape before hand. It greatly reduces the risk of pulled muscles in your back as well your abs as that baby bump will constantly be putting more strain on your body.

Being healthy and fit is a lifestyle that you want to embrace no matter what season of life you are in. It improves your quality of life as well as self confidence. Whether you are trying to conceive or if pregnancy is just something that may just happen, you want to be caring for your body. The great thing about knowing that you are looking forward to being pregnant is that you are also looking forward to motherhood. It causes the purpose of your fitness to go beyond yourself and think about that new little human being that you will be bringing into the world. It also causes you to want to be a mom to the best of your abilities. Eat healthy and work out and you will find your pregnancy much more enjoyable.

Annie is passionate about every aspect of exercise and fitness. She feels that if you keep your workouts fresh and fun you will continue to work out. If you are looking for an intense home work out to use before getting pregnant she suggests trying out the Insanity Workout by Shaun T, or theSlim in 6 Workout for ladies.

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