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What Is The Proper Way To Get Six Pack Abs

What is the proper way to get six pack abs without doing a single crunch or sit up on the floor? Well, 21st century ab training has come a long way from neck straining crunches and sit ups which have been shown to be less effective than core strength exercises.

Research has also shown you can work your stomach muscles 25-40 percent harder on an exercise ball than on a flat surface. So forget about doing 100 sit ups on the floor that just strain your neck and back muscles. To get results you need to work your ab muscles just like any muscle and that is anaerobically. This means low reps 8-12 per set. That's right - less strain more gain!

Proper nutrition is as important as exercising

Lifestyle nutrition wise you need to stay away from the 4 white devils whenever possible: sugar, salt, white flour and conventional dairy. Insulin is a fat producing hormone so if you want to reduce the fat then reduce your sugar intake from soda drinks, fruit juice (yes that's sugar water!). If you want juice make a fresh vegetable or fruit juicer from fresh vegetables and fruits. It's very good for detoxing the body and giving the body the vitamins and minerals it requires.

How about diet soda's you say or splenda or sweeteners? Its the same thing, they have artificial sugars in them which are over 200 times sweeter than white sugar. This will make your body think you just gave it a truckload of sugar. Which in return makes your organism produce even more insulin causing weight gain. So anything you see on a food/drink label that finishes in OSE is a sugar and names such as Aspartame, NutraSweet, Sweet N Low, Equal etc. are not something you want to be consuming.

Parasites and fungus love sugar so if you eliminate most of your sugars you will feel and see the difference. Toxins in your body from chemicals, pesticides from food, water and plastics are usually stored in your fat reserves, so try to clean up your that area as well. Every ounce counts!

Good alternative to sweeteners is Stevia (other names it goes by are sweetleaf, sweet leaf, sugarleaf). It's an all natural sweetener that comes in liquid drops and different flavours, both for kids and grown ups. You should only drink water that's what our body is design to drink. How much water?

Weight in Kilograms x 0.03 = water per day in litres
Pounds in weight divided by 2 = water in ounces per day.

Well chosen food matters too

Remember, abdominal exercise alone won't get you strong tight abs. You have to eat sensibly for your own body type on a regular basis. Fat doesn't take a holiday so you can't start and stop, it's a lifestyle commitment! It doesn't mean you have to eat perfectly all the time. In fact you can eat 80 to 85% of time healthy and the rest of the time you can eat those bad foods you crave the most.

Think of the healthy foods you eat 80-85% of time as insurance for the bad foods you take in. You have to maintain your discipline, working out your abs 3 to 4 times a week. People will have days were they will slip up. Be it going out, family gatherings and parties etc., but that's life, no one is perfect so you have to move on.

Hopefully that answers some of questions on what is the proper way to get six pack abs.

By: Hristo I.

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