Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Walking 10,000 Steps a Day -- FAQ about How to Do It

Here are answers to Frequently Asked Questions -- an FAQ -- about how to walk 10K steps/day.

Q. "How can I make sure that I am walking 10K steps/day?"

Get a good pedometer or step counter, attach it to your clothes as soon as possible when you awake, and wear it until you retire for the day.

Q. "How can I avoid overheating when walking on hot days?"

Wear clothing made from a perspiration-wicking material instead of cotton.

Q. "How can I avoid foot problems, given that walking 10K steps/day is about five miles per day?"

Buy a good pair of shoes from a specialty store. Sales people for mass merchandisers typically do not have the expertise required to help you get the right shoe for the degree of your foot pronation.

Q. "How can I walk 10K steps/day, given my busy schedule?"

Park as far away from retail stores' doors as possible. Walk during at least part of your lunchtime. Walk before or after work with your partner, children, or grandchildren. Get a cordless headset so that you can walk during teleconferences. Walk around your living room during TV commercials. The list goes on and on!

Q. "How can I find others with whom to walk ... or at least to "compare notes" or commiserate?"

Check the bulletin board at your local grocery store. Look in your local free newspaper. Use a search engine to find a walking group through the Internet; the group could be local or virtual.

Q. "How can I reach 10K steps/day, given that I only walk a few thousand steps daily now?"

Get and follow a good 10K-steps/day program.

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