Friday, 2 October 2009

The Ultimate Fat Burning Diet Plan

Often the biggest problem with people wishing to lose weight is their inability to find a suitable diet plan that would help burn their existing fat, trim their unnecessary cravings for empty high-calorie foods and help them burn more for the ideal figure they have in mind. All the existing diet plans today are mostly effective in reducing cravings and trimming the fat.

But how about people who want to do bodybuilding regularly as well? Surely you can't starve yourself while doing bodybuilding- the effect would be negative instead of positive. What then should be the content of an ideal, progressive diet plan for those wishing to be physically fit and at the same time wish to remain healthy eaters?

The diet

A fat burning diet should be implemented for around six weeks to make sure that the body has enough time to adapt itself to the drastically changing conditions. Remember that if this is your first time, your body is probably still experiencing some form or shock because you're actually engaged in regular physical activity and you are depriving your body of the things it has learned to crave, like soft drinks and sweets.

Though this diet does not require calorie counting or equivalents, it should be noted that the list of required foods should be implemented strictly, to begin the regulation of cravings and to start burning fat more efficiently by cutting down on unnecessary empty calorie intake.

The foods

Among the foods that are required by this fat burning diet plan are the following:

1. Almonds and similar foods- nuts and legumes contain high amounts of crude protein and essential amino acids, thereby naturally boosting your muscle building capacity. Also, almonds have oils that are good for the heart, and are actually good allies in maintaining a healthy muscular system.

2. Spinach and dark, green vegetables- tasty and inexpensive, this particular group of foods should be consumed in large amounts to help clean the digestive tract, so you can naturally unload all those unnecessary kilograms still stuck to your large intestines. More fiber means a more efficient digestive system, and more efficient absorption of the vital nutrients necessary to build a fine physique.

3. Dairy products- unlike other diet plans, this fat burning diet plan will not deprive your of milk and other dairy products. Instead, you will simply have to let go of high-fat dairy products in favor of the more healthy ones. For example, if you are a fan of dairy butter, then perhaps you can simply satisfy your craving by drinking more fresh milk. Though milk is more than forty percent fat, the rest is pure nutrition for the body, and you need that for over-all energy levels and muscle maintenance.

4. Whole grain bread products- you would also need to consume carbohydrate-packed and fiber-rich foods so that you would feel fuller in a shorter period of time. If you were used to steak and potatoes dinners in the past, it's time that you substituted those oily French fries for something more healthy- like lightly salted boiled potatoes and a few slices of low-calorie turkey.

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