Thursday, 8 October 2009

Flat Abs For Women - Throw Away Those Diet Pills And Get The Body You Want Fast

Getting flat abs for women is a little bit harder than for men. The reason being is that women naturally store more fat than men. This is due to the obvious fact that women are ment to produce children and NEED to store fat.

The sad part is that women tend to be taken in by all the miracle diets and fat burning machines out there. More money is spent and wasted on trying to find the miracle cure for belly fat. There just isn't one. Why do you think that the diet and fitness industry is constantly coming out with "new" ways to supposedly burn fat?

The methods that they push just simply don't work. I bet you yourself has fallen victim once or twice to all the newest gadgets and pills. If fat could be melted away by taking a pill, obesity would be wiped out.

Getting flat abs for women will require you to give up old eating habits for new ones and to change the way you exercise and think about fat loss. Old habits die hard, but you must learn what works and what doesn't.

Some of you may think that achieving a sexy flat stomach just isn't possible. Maybe you have been pregnant a couple of times. Maybe it's been years since you've been to gym. Maybe you think that you are too old to start a workout routine.

None of these things has any effect on whether you can get flat abs. If you make the decision to start now, you could see results as early as 6-7 weeks depending on how much belly fat you need to lose.

The biggest thing that will prevent you from getting the body you want, is you. Stop procrastinating and doubting yourself. Start believing in what you can do and you will get there.

By: Jenna Dotson

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